Transforming Teaching & Learning with ThingLink

The experience of bringing together a group of teachers through a common learning goal this summer has been amazing. Now nearing the end of the ThingLink Teacher Challenge Week 7, participants are creating interactive images and self-publishing them all over the world wide web. 

Interactive images created for the TL Challenge are embedded in thoughtful blog posts written by participants. Shared images can be found in Google+ discussions. Short and concise descriptions are circulating through the Twitosphere. Teachers are definitely collaborating about ThingLink.

Through the Stages 

At this point, the technology has become easy and the tool feels quite powerful. Ideas and confidence influence our decisions to integrate new tools in innovative ways with ThingLink. We are building our digital toolkits as we put new tools to the test. The power of possibilities brings out the true teacher in us all as we begin to discover learning opportunities everywhere. This is exciting.

The interactive images created in this stage are showing strong elements of design. Images are designed to be visually appealing and they include a variety of multimedia to support unique learning styles. There is thoughtful placement of icons to guide learning and create a pleasurable audience experience. ThingLink remains exciting. The possibilities flood our minds.

Teaching Above the Line with ThingLink

The design of the teacher challenge was influenced Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura's SAMR Model of tech integration. I created this interactive image earlier this year to present a look at ThingLink Through the SAMR Len. Explore this interactive image to learn more or read about it on the ThingLink Blog.

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Thanks for the wonderful resource. I plan on including your ThingLink SAMR model to my resources for PD.