Using Google Drive Forms to Power 1:1 Instruction

As I explore teaching and learning in a 1:1 iPad environment I'm excited about the potential of using Google Drive Forms as a teaching tool. Forms display well on any Internet connected device, and they are packed full of features that can be used to collect feedback, communicate, check for comprehension and best of all, teach. 

I've created several successful surveys since we launched our 1:1 initiative at the end of January and I am eager to share these ideas with other educators

Google Drive Forms to Create an Interactive Survey

When our school improvement team decided to take on One School, One Book this year, I designed a Google Drive Form as a vehicle for collecting information and more in one shot. 

The form efficiently collected votes from our entire school community, a diverse group of stakeholders age 5-105. The form functioned like an interactive multimedia powered journey. It introduce participants to the book selections to help them make informed decisions before casting a vote for their preferred book. Call it one stop shopping, or simply call it efficient, this form worked well. Please check it out for yourself to understand the power of the tool. Feel free to actually submit feedback, it has served it's original purpose and is no longer in use. 

Explore a Copy of the Survey 

More Innovative Google Drive Forms at a Glance

Within the past month I've used the Google Drive Form to drive instruction in quite a few efficient and effective ways. Here are a few highlights.
  • Educreations Expertise - I created and successfully used a form to introduce students to all the features of Educreations prior to a collaborative project with 1:1 iPads. 
  • Flipped Lesson for Parents - I recorded and narrated a required slideshow presentation for parents. I embedded the video broadcast into a Google Drive Form along with questions to check comprehension and eventually provide answers.
  • In Box - I've been creating and using Drive Forms as In Boxes to collect and organize student assignments for more than three years now. This is a very popular idea otherwise known as an Assignment Tracker which originated on the blog of an innovative teacher, John Miller.

Learn More About Google Drive Forms

Join me and Infinitec for a free webinar designed to highlight the best features of Google Drive for Collaborative Learning. I'll be sharing forms, ideas and demos along with some updated highlights of a Google Docs Glog I designed in 2012. The webinar is open to all.

Webinar: Using Google Docs / Google Drive for Collaborative Learning
Tuesday March 11th
4:00 PM CST