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It's no secret that ThingLink EDU is one of my favorite and most frequently used tools. I love ThingLink because it provides users with the ability to turn any image into a multimedia rich interactive graphic. Add video, images, audio, and links to any content on the web with the click of a button. Pack a lot of content into a small space and embed it into a variety of online learning platforms for easy access, 24/7. ThingLink is a user friendly and flexible tool that's just gotten better for educators!

Upgrade to ThingLinkEDU Premium until December 31st

In an effort to support education even better, ThingLink is now offering free EDU Premium Accounts for teachers until December 31st. Sign up and receive a full year of premium features including the ability to:

  • Create classroom groups.
  • Work within a protected education friendly environment.
  • Upload custom icons.
  • View detailed image stats
  • Use image carousels
  • Explore more new and exciting features as they are launched after the start of the new year.

Get Started with ThingLinkEDU Premium

Here is a bit of advice I give to all teachers who are just starting out with ThingLink. Start with something simple, something you know about. This will allow you to experience the ease of use of the tool itself without getting caught up in the power of being able to create virtually anything you can imagine for teaching and learning. 

Start Simple with Santa Strawberries

I used some of the new holiday icons to create this simple starter image.

Resources to Explore & Learn More

January 16th
4:00 - 4:30 PM EST
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Awesome! Thanks for the info on the promotion.